Photo shoots can be at a location of your choice. Outdoor photo shoots make for very fun and natural photos! Prior to any shoot we will be in touch about a location and style that will suite your specific shoot best, as well as any photos you would like me to specifically capture. It is always best to come in neutral colors and lots of accessories (scarves, bangles, hates etc) Please note, to secure your booking, there will be a 50% deposit. Please feel free to look at our Products tab for our printing options. Please enquire for pricing.

Maternity Shoot

Weekday Rate: R1800
Weekend Rate: R2000

Congratulations! We are so excited to be a part of your journey! Maternity shoots are an hour long and includes 25+ high res images, which will be sent to you via a wetranfer file. Prior to the shoot we will be in touch about a location that suits you best, or discuss if you would prefer your shoot in our studio.We will also chat about an outfit to show off your belly! We do offer a makeup artist onset (At an additional cost of R300) to make you up and make you feel even more beautiful but we ensure that your pregnancy glow still shines through. This is also the best time to book your newborn session!

Newborn Shoot

Weekday Rate: R2800
Weekend Rate: R3200

Your bundle of joy is finally here! It's time to capture their tiny fingers and toes! A newborn session takes anywhere from 1-3 hours long. This allows you to feed and hold your baby, calm them down, take some photos and re-feed if necessary. It is so important to be patient as babies can sense stress and that could make them unhappy. We encourage you to jump into the action and pose with your new baby for some shots too! The shoot is done in your home. This session includes 25+ high res images, which will be sent to you via an online gallery. The best time to photograph your baby is six to twelve days old - as this is when they are very sleepy and we can put them in fun newborn poses, so the best time to book would be before the baby is even born!

Cake Smash Shoot (Including Cake)

Weekday Rate: R2400
Weekend Rate: R2600

What a fun way to capture your babies' first taste of cake! Perfect for a first birthday! Your baby could dive right into the cake or slowly pick at it, either way, we will capture every bite! We bring along a cake with a color of your choice, as well as some fun props, such as balloons, bowties/ties, headbands and tutus. At this age they can get away with smashing into a cake and it still being cute! The session will be 1-2 hours and includes includes 25+ high res images, which will be sent to you via a wetranfer file and an online gallery.

Milestone Sessions

Weekday Rate: R1800
Weekend Rate: R2000

Having a new baby in the house is great fun, but each milestone passes by so quickly. These sessions can be done when baba loves tummy time, has just started sitting, crawling or really any point before turning one or for their first birthday. This is when their big personalities shout out of their little bodies, when they become ticklish and when a game of peek-a-boo brings a big smile. This can be a once of session or we can come up with a color or theme that's best suits you and take a monthly shot of your growing baby, after 12 months of photos in the same setting, you can see the amazing growth of your little treasure.


Couple/Engagement Shoot

Weekday Rate: R1800
Weekend Rate: R2000

Ahhh young love! Let us capture you as you look into your significant others' eyes! We will go to a location of your choice, it could be a romantic or fun shoot-you tell me what portrays your relationship best! It doesn't need to stop at young love, we all know how time flies, doing a photo shoot of your parents or grandparents love is one of the most special experiences you will ever see. And theres nothing better than capturing your love while you're about to start a family, with a maternity shoot. The session will be 45min - 1 hour and will include 25+ high res images, which will be sent to via an online gallery.

Family Shoot

Weekday Rate: R2200 (1-3) | R2400 (4-9) | R3200 (10-15)

Weekend Rate: R2000 (1-3) | R2600 (4-9) | R3500 (10-15)

Each family is unique and I love to show that through your family photos. We will venture to a perfect location for your family, play games and chat while I capture your family. You are more than welcome to bring any props that will make your family's shoot different. I'm more than happy to help with your wardrobe choices, please make sure not to wear prints or writing as this distracts from your beautiful faces! The session will be about 45min - 1 hour and includes 25+ high res images, which will be sent to you via an online gallery.

Conceptual Shoots | From R5500

Our one hour meeting will allow you to explain what it is you are looking for, I will then create a Concept, Moodboard, Color Pallet, Photography Team including; makeup, assistants, set food, stylist, creative director and anything else needed for your specific shoot. I will also come up with a day plan and schedule